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life story testimonies

Dr. Arnott

Paradise Camp Fire Disaster Escape

Paradise Camp Fire Divine Rescue
- LifeTalk Radio Interview


Divine Rescue

Wisam Ali

Muslem Becomes Christian Pastor in Nazareth

Jamie Jorge

favorite success stories

I reversed my diabetes

Miracle Violin Teacher

Unbelievable Invite from Cuba

Terry Johnson

For His Honor

NYC Mayor-Elect Eric Adams 

Pavel Goia

Powerful Enemy Fired

Tons of Glass Float

Dead Italian Church Lives

Enemy Drops with Heart Attack

God Speaks, Ceaușescu Obeys

Taj Pacleb

From the Weed of Death to the Word of Life

Ivor Myers

Escape from the Black Hole

The Avenger of Blood

Steve Wolberg

From Hollywood to Heaven

Richard Dawkins

Atheist Unwittingly Testifies God Exists

God Brings THIS Song to His Mind Before Promoting Evolution

Lyrics God Brought Him BEFORE Creation Versus Evolution Debate



of nature

heart patients

Dan Purjes Testimony

Stephen Cooperman Testimony


3200 Years Old -

Second Largest Living Thing

the unseen world

Hidden Miracles of the Natural World


Phil White Testimony

Phil White Testimony - Brief



Video Interviews

Written Stories

Greener family lost 300.jpg

greener family lost over 300 pounds

Written Story


Hollywood to Heaven.jpg

Hollywood to Heaven

Steve Wohlberg personally and passionately portrays a God who is not shocked or surprised by our wild searches for truth and significance. You'll be inspired by a God who won't stop reaching out to save you - no matter what pit you may find yourself in!

God in My LIfe 2.jpg

God in My Life 2

Whether it is in an ordinary circumstance or an extraordinary one, God is there. The author, Rita Roberts, has experienced both the ordinary and the extraordinary, and wants you to know that even in the simplest of situations, you are not alone. Her experiences around the globe have taught her to look for God in every calling, post, or pursuit, and it is her goal to show people that God is in everyone’s life—even YOURS, dear reader!

God in My Life 1.jpg

God in My Life

God is AWESOME, and He does amazing things for each one of us, even when we don't realize it! Sometimes, by sharing OUR experiences of God in our lives with others, we encourage them to take a closer look and identify the hand of God in their own lives. Our amazing God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and He will never leave us nor forsake us.


Zion: Champion for God

Zion: Champion for God

When offered the pick of a litter, she was impressed to choose the ugliest. Little did she suspect that her puppy, a giant schnauzer, was destined for glory. Multimillionaires would write blank checks--"Name your price!"--to buy him.

A natural champion, Zion would win trophy after trophy. "Why don't you show him on Saturdays?" asked her friends. But a still small voice beckoned her to share her gentle giant with the outcasts, the unfortunate, the wounded, where he would gladden the hearts of thousands of children.

In this heartwarming story Joy Matthews tells how she discovered that God's plans are bigger than anything we can dream up. That it pays to put first the kingdom. And that the only things we get to keep are those we give away.

Barry Pratt Book.jpeg

After hitting bottom emotionally and spiritually, the author comes to faith in Jesus. In his new Christian walk, he struggles with the anxiety, fear, and poor decision-making habits from his past, along with wounds from a failed marriage. Claiming promises in the Bible, along with attending church and sending "mountains of prayers," he perseveres. He notes that troubled people seem to be seeking him out for comfort and advice. It appears that despite his past academic failures and dread of formal education, God's will is for him to go back to school. As he applies to a program in counseling, events and circumstances come together for him in ways that could only be brought about by the hand of God. After receiving a master's degree in marriage and family counseling, he realizes that his studies helped bring healing in his own life. The author sees God's hand at work in his new marriage; his wife, a physician, also pursues a specialty in the mental health field. The two are in compatible ministries, helping troubled individuals find healing through a relationship with Jesus.

Barry Pratt wrote his book as a testimony to the way God answers prayers and the amazing way He works for those who seek His will. He urges his readers to claim the promises in the Bible and involve Jesus in every aspect of their lives.

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